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Currently what I’m using as a DAC for my main computer…


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The time has come to throw in the towel with the Silver Volvo — the 1999 XC70. It was a sweet ride while it lasted, the most comfortable and best handling car I’ve ever owned, but it’s time is at an end. I’m going to tear everything out of it to maximize the amount I get from it, and then scrap what’s left over. As of today I’ve got everything, but I’m probably to hang on to the 3rd row seats, the wheels, the horns, the hitch, and the after-market stereo for now.

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But available is:

Rear Hatch
Extra set of Brand New Hatch Struts
All glass
Driver Seat (one rip/burst)
Passenger Seat
Climate control unit
MAF (I think I have a working spare as well)
Tons of relays
5 coils
Fuel rail
5 Injectors
XeMODeX ETM (very low mileage)
Brake callipers
Roof rack w/ rails

Eventually I’ll have the bevel gear and tranny and driveshaft.

Let me know if there’s anything you want! If you’re one of the first to come, you can help me break down the car in exchange for a better price on the parts. The car is located out of Kalama.

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It is the application of the Rule of Saint Benedict to the family that produces the agrarian homestead.


I’ve been troubleshooting a hot start issue on the 1991 Land Cruiser FJ80.

I did replace the OEM vapor canister with a newer purge pump (as detail on IH8MUD).

The candidates for the problem right now are:

  • vapor lock
  • EFI relay issues
  • fuel pump
  • fuel filter
  • These are my main two references for others having had similar issues:

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    Beautiful Freak

    I was on my way home at about 3 am one night, and in the town where I grew up, in California, there was one stop light. It was set so that in the middle of the night, it would be green, but as soon as any car approached, it would quickly switch to red. I think the idea was to stop people cruising through town at 100 miles an hour. Anyways, I was heading home and had to stop abruptly at this light. I was listening to music very loud, and I was into the eels at the time. As I slammed to a stop in the middle of the night at this traffic light, a man started out into the crosswalk in front of me. My stereo started blaring out Beautiful Freak.

    “You’re such a, beautiful freak”

    The man was wearing forearm crutches, the ones with cups on them that your arms go into. I recognized them because my uncle had cerebral palsy.

    “I wish there were more just like you”

    He was walking in a rickety, staggering but practiced fashion, with his crutches. I was mortified!

    “You’re not like all of the others”

    I was paralyzed, I could not move, could not turn off the stereo, could not take my hands off the steering wheel or my eyes off the man as he slowly made his way across the road.
    “And that is why I love you
    Beautiful freak, beautiful freak”

    The man made it to the other side of the road. The light changed to green. The invisible grip released me; I slowly drove off the line.  I felt like I was in the presence of an Angel. The entire scene, with the streetlights coming in the window, the music blaring out, and the beautiful freak with his crutches in the street were permanently seared into my memory.

    Since the experience seemed so much more than human, it wasn’t until years later that I thought of how that must have looked and felt from the man’s perspective. Maybe he needed to hear those words at just that time!


    The fragility of the institutions of modern life are like the proverbial weapon in the movies… once you introduce a gun, at some point sooner or later it has to go off.

    The very advances that are the foundations of our modern communities create vulnerability.

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