Parting Out the Silver Volvo

2014-06-02 12.56.00

The time has come to throw in the towel with the Silver Volvo — the 1999 XC70. It was a sweet ride while it lasted, the most comfortable and best handling car I’ve ever owned, but it’s time is at an end. I’m going to tear everything out of it to maximize the amount I get from it, and then scrap what’s left over. As of today I’ve got everything, but I’m probably to hang on to the 3rd row seats, the wheels, the horns, the hitch, and the after-market stereo for now.

2014-06-02 12.55.50

But available is:

Rear Hatch
Extra set of Brand New Hatch Struts
All glass
Driver Seat (one rip/burst)
Passenger Seat
Climate control unit
MAF (I think I have a working spare as well)
Tons of relays
5 coils
Fuel rail
5 Injectors
XeMODeX ETM (very low mileage)
Brake callipers
Roof rack w/ rails

Eventually I’ll have the bevel gear and tranny and driveshaft.

Let me know if there’s anything you want! If you’re one of the first to come, you can help me break down the car in exchange for a better price on the parts. The car is located out of Kalama.

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