FLIRTS (2022)

Strip club owner Rebecca Romero learns that the only people stranger than exotic dancers are local politicians when a scandal threatens to shut her business down for good.

SINGLES (2022)

Recently separated and living with his grandmother, everyman Corey must learn that true happiness comes from the ultimate love: self-love.

TOM (2022)

TOM is an independent film that was mostly filmed and produced in the North East Iowa Area. The majority of the cast and crew are from Iowa. This is the final chapter in Tommy Mavis story following RED 2020 and SIN 2021.

SIN (2021)

SIN is a an Independent Horror Film that was shot in the North east part of the state of Iowa, and it will be screened at Marcus Theatres in Cedar Falls College Square on Thursday, July 1st at 7pm and Marcus Crossroads Theatres Saturday, July 17th at 3pm.

Happy’s (2021)

Happy’s (2021) is an independent film produced for a budget of only $5000 by Producer and Director Don Tjernagel. Happy’s is a Slice-of-life comedy about a man who moves to Iowa for a scholarship that falls apart, only to become a liquor store clerk with a quirky legal mentor. It won Best comedy at the Europe Film Festival, and Matt Lee Ingebritson won Award of Recognition for Supporting Actor at the The IndieFEST Film Awards.

Red (2020)

An Unknown Entity terrorizes the people of a small town. Young men are murdered, Young women driven into madness, all while local farmers and huntsmen report that there is something RED out there.

The Last Regret (2020)

Sam is a young woman whose father died when she was a teenager. Overcoming that tragedy, she gets her “happily-ever-after” with the man she loves until it all falls apart. Now she is back in her hometown, rebuilding her life.

The Moving On Phase (2020)

Piper is a young adult who is forced into a life change after her longtime boyfriend breaks it off and evicts her from their home.

Love Struck Sick (2019)

A coming of age moment for two young adults seeking happiness and love in a Midwest town. Angie is an orphan and a shy waitress who dreams of performing music. Clint is a struggling salesman who lost his parents when he was a toddler.


BROS. Last Call (2018) is a feature film that was also produced with a $5000 total film budget. It is the inevitable end of Matt and Tanner’s nightlife fun, as Tanner is now engaged and moving on with his life leaving Matt to realize his ultimate fate of being the old guy at the bar.


BROS. On The Rocks (2018) is a feature film that was also produced with a $5000 total film budget. It is the continuation of Matt and Tanner nightlife story and their hilarious rivalry with the Tools of Cedar Falls, Iowa. The two Tyler’s.

BROS. (2017)

BROS. (2017) is a feature film that was produced with a $5000 total film budget. It is a simple story of two men nearing their 30s who savor the nightlife and characters of their beloved Midwestern town of Waterloo, Iowa.