Donzilla's Stand-Up Showcase (2015)

Season 3 & Season 5

Live Stand-Up Comedy TV showcase featuring a diverse group and stand-up comedians from all different backgrounds and comedy styles. The Show is hosted and produced by Donzilla Don Tjernagel, and has aired on regional CW and Fox affiliates along with COX cable.

Lark Brewing (2021)

A Short Film Written and Directed By Don Tjernagel
Featuring Matt Lee Ingebritson, Shawn McAninch, Mikey Averill, Cory Kamoss, Charlie Potter, Clint Boevers, Deandre Sipthekid Smith, Corey Kerr, Kristin Mai Chien, Brett Cummings, Gus Gustafson, and Bram Zwingli

Cinematography By Jim Averill and Cris Stow
Aerial Cinematography By Matt Rafferty
Edited By Landon Sheetz

RED (2019)

A small town is terrorized by a mysterious monster with glowing red eyes.